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Livestock Management Consulting

We offer a wide range of  local and international Livestock management consulting. Based on years of experience in the sheep business, we offer new sheep farmer’s assistance in how to get started in the sheep business. From general sheep management and husbandry to required infrastructure and equipment.  

High Health Sheep Flock


When the first 20 sheep were purchased that got us started in the sheep industry; we decided that high health through biosecurity would be an important factor to us in being able to attain the best possible results for our flock and at the same time being able to sell healthy animals to our customers.

All sheep ever purchased to date, came from Medicine Ridge Farm. Their initial sheep all came from the animal research centre in Ottawa.

Our sheep flock is completely closed. No animal ever returns to any of our premises once it leaves the farm. Strict biosecurity is practiced when animals are loaded into customer’s trailers. All visitors must use disposable coveralls and footwear.




Rideau Arcott

The Rideau Arcott is a purebred sheep that was created entirely in Canada. It was developed over a 30 year period (from 1958 to 1989) by Agriculture Canada at the federal government research station outside Ottawa, using stock mainly from Finnish Landrace, Suffolk and East Friesian breeds, and released to Canadian farms in 1989. The purpose of the Rideau Arcott program was to produce a dam-line breed for crossbreeding that would offer ewes with high fertility, good milking characteristics and good body conformation and growth rate. The breed features very high prolificacy with ewe lambs reaching sexual maturity at seven to eight months and lambing at one year.



The Charollais breed is a medium sized, heavy sheep, with a long loin and well muscled hindquarters.

They are a first class terminal sire, and when crossed with a number of breeds will produce lean, fast growing, quality lambs at all weights.


Ile De France

The Ile de France has been selected for two primary purposes: as a terminal sire to produce vigorous, hardy, and fast growing lambs with superior carcass traits; and as an improver for crossbreeding with maternal breeds in a commercial flock. In this capacity they add hardiness, longevity, feed conversion and out of season breeding ability to a ewe flock. They have an excellent flocking instinct and are very successful when raised on pasture.

Ram Sales

Rideau Arcott:

Ram lambs, yearlings and mature rams available. Use to increase the prolificacy of your flock.


Rams lambs, yearlings and mature rams available. Use to increase growth and muscling in your lambs.

Ile De France:

None available at this time as we are expanding our blood lines. Use to increase growth, muscling and hardiness in your lambs.

Rideau Arcott / Ile De France Crosses:

Rams lambs, yearlings and mature rams available. Use in specific commercial applications where a combination of prolificacy and growth are required. Extreme hardy animals. Excellent hybrid vigour.


Ewe / Ewelamb Sales

Pure bred and F1 crossed ewes and ewe lambs available.

Starter Flocks Sales

We specialize in starter flocks. 
Share with us your management criteria, production goals and we will select the right starter flock for you with the appropriate sire genetics.

Meat Lambs

Contact us with your meat lamb requirements and we will do our utmost in delivering the lambs you need.

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