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Organic Grains

In the effort to manage our land in a more holistic and environmentally friendly manner we are now growing a variety of Certified Organic grains. We have over 1000 acres fully certified organic. Specializing in organic feed and food grains including malt barley, Hilose barley, milling wheat, Canadian prairie spring and Katani hemp. 

Due to crop rotation, specific grain availability varies from year to year.

Please contact Stefan with any questions or to inquire about contracting new crop.


Katani Hemp

Katani Hemp is an industrial hemp variety. It has a shorter stature and higher yield than many other varieties. 2017 was the first year we introduced the organic Katani Hemp into our crop rotation. There is certainly a learning curve to growing hemp, but this variety produced well for us.

Malt Barley

In 2017, we were contracted by Mill Street Breweries ( to grow organic Malt Barley.The team at Mill Street were fun to work with, and we hope Canadians enjoy the finished product. Organic Malt barley have produced well in our fields as part of our crop rotations.

Hilose Barley

Hilose Barley has been tested for years in Saskatoon. This 2-row, spring, hulless Barley has performed very well in our area. We have grown organic Hilose Barley as part of our crop rotation with great results.

Milling Wheat

Organic milling wheat, in various varieties are grown in our fields. Milling wheat is used in everything from bread to pastries. 

Canadian Prairie Spring

Organic Wheat varieties are also used as part of our organic crop rotation. Our climate and farming practices have allowed us to have great success with organic CPS wheat varieties.


Conventional Grain


We grow hard red and CPS wheat varieties. Please contact us for grades and availability.


Various varieties are sown depending crop rotation and soil type. Crop is not further processed at this time.


Most of our barley is used for feed. Some in the grain ration and some as silage.


Most of our alfalfa is grown for silage as a high protein feed to assist in the ewes milking ability. First and second cut Alfalfa and Alfalfa/grass hay is available at certain times. Please contact for specifics.


Corn is now grown for grain and silage under the new Samco bio-degradable film.


Land Management

Land management experience since 1975. Our land/farm management philosophy is based on transparency, integrity and trust. We regard investments entrusted to us as one of the highest forms of honor and therefore endeavor to improve any land or farms bringing them to their full potential.


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