About Kaiser Ag

Kaiser Ag Management Team

Helena Kaiser:
The committed wife, mom and partner; the silent backbone and blossom of the enterprise.

Martin Kaiser:
General management of farming operations.
Poultry equipment supply.
Project design and consulting.

Stefan Martin Kaiser:
Using his Bachelor of Science degree in agri-business to run the daily operations as well as the crop management and advisory team.

Peter-James Kaiser:
With his red seal tickets and certifications in heavy equipment he is responsible for the maintenance  and service  of the growing fleet and mechanic shop.

William Andrew Kaiser:
Equipment operator and general livestock handling.
Planning on further studies to compliment farming operation.

Benjamin Kaiser:

Focusing on the poultry side of the business, Ben's Journeyman tickets in gasfitting and plumbing as well as his Blue Seal business certifications are a valuable addition to the team.

History Behind Kaiser:

kaiser_farm.jpgThe Kaiser family comes from multiple generations of farming background.

Martin Kaiser grew up on a mixed family farm in Switzerland and moved to Canada in 1975 with his family at the age of 14. It was when his dad Paul Kaiser, realized his dreams of finally owning his own farm and took on the challenge to purchase a small dairy farm in eastern Canada with his seven children.

Martin studied agriculture at McGill University on the Macdonald campus. It was there where he started to date his sweetheart Helena who was to become his lifelong partner in farming and in raising their six children. It was during those early years when his dad’s operation grew into a large operation, that Martin honed his experience in livestock, land and farm management, as the family managed farms for various investors. Some of which the family later on purchased.

It was in 1996 when Martin, Helena and their six young children embarked on their own venture and moved to Alberta to start their own farming operation.

They purchased a small grain farm in the Wetaskiwin area and made it a home where they would raise their children and pass on the love of farming to yet another generation.

At this time, Martin took on an opportunity of selling and servicing poultry equipment across eastern and western Canada. Through hard work, honesty and integrity, this business has blossomed and evolved into a growing network of loyal customers, many of them becoming friends. This in turn led to other opportunities of selling other livestock equipment across the country.

In the meantime, the children kept growing and the farm expanded from 200 acres and 20 sheep, into a 2,000 acre operation with a high health flock of 3,500 ewes. To allow for the equipment that was required to grow to this size; custom farming was added to the farming operation to spread the equipment costs to now over more than 4,500 acres. Martin and his sons now work closely with loyal customers to fill their requirements in seeding, silaging and combining their crops.

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